The beginning of another academic year always brings with it the eager shouts of a new cohort of PhD students joining our ranks. Welcome new students!

The EECS GSA hosted a variety of orientation activities to get our fellow students up-to-speed on the MIT PhD experience and Boston living… and hopefully meet a few friends along the way. Check out some photos of our events below.

EECS GSA Orientation activities included a board games and sushi social, a frisbee and cupcakes social, an Insider’s Guide to the PhD, Cambridge pub night, a beach outing, a rock climbing outing, and a How to Communicate in Grad School panel.

Constitution beach outing

One of everyone’s favorite orientation week events is our outing to Constitution Beach in East Boston. Students enjoyed a picnic lunch and a day of games and waves to unwind after a busy first week on campus. If this ends up being the only time you go to the beach in Boston during your entire PhD tenure, then rest assured it can’t get better than this!

Rock climbing

Those forearm muscles look great! Are they from the climbing gym or from mashing code at your keyboard? It didn’t matter to first year students as they scaled the walls at Rock Spot Climbing in South Boston.

New student?

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