Elected Officer for 2021

At the 2020 EECS GSA elections on November 12th, graduate student members elected a new slate of officers to lead the EECS GSA in 2021. Congratulations to the new officers!

  • Ajay Brahmakshatriya, Co-President
  • Tejas Jayashankar, Co-President
  • Shangdi Yu, Treasurer
  • Kruthika Kikkeri, Vice President, Academics and Diversity
  • Logan Engstrom, Vice President, Publications
  • Anna Zeng, Vice President, Student Life
  • Adam Jetplane “AJ” Miller, Vice President, Visit Day
  • Christina Ji, Vice President, Visit Day

The term for new officers begins on January 15, 2021. We look forward to a great year!

Events: Nov 15 – Nov 18

Hello everyone! We’ve got a busy week ahead of us, filled with our very own GSA Elections, a distinguished panel of entrepreneurs, a dinner with Prof. Gregory Wornell, and some free alcohol (courtesy of the Chem-E department).

This Week at a Glance

Tue. Nov 15: Elections [free food]

Wed. Nov 16: Entrepreneurship Panel [free food]

Thu. Nov 17: Faculty Dinner with Prof. Gregory Wornell [free food]

Fri. Nov 18: EECS/Chem-E Joint Social [free beer, free food]

GSA Elections!

Vote for your new GSA representatives. Your vote matters! Brazilian food will be provided.

Visit the EECS GSA elections website for the latest info: http://eecsgsa.mit.edu/elections/. Feel free to contact us with questions about officer positions, nominations, or the electoral process.

When: Tuesday Nov 15 6PM-7:30PM

Where: 34-401 A (Grier A)

EECS GSA Entrepreneurship Panel

Do you know the different resources on campus to help you develop your start up ideas and entrepreneurship skills? Do you know that during IAP you could register for StartMIT, StartIAP or prepare your Sandbox application? Which program would better fit your interests and projects?

The MIT EECS graduate student association is holding an Entrepreneurship panel on Wednesday November 16th at 6:00 pm. Three panelist from StartMIT, the Martin Trust Center and the Sandbox program will shortly present their programs and answer your questions.

When: Wednesday, Nov 16 6PM-7PM

Where: Kiva, 32-G449

Speakers: Christina Chase (StartMIT), Trish Cotter (Martin Trust Center), Jinane Abounadi (Sandbox program)

Signup: here

Faculty Dinner with Gregory Wornell

The EECS GSA is having a Faculty Dinner with Prof. Gregory Wornell on Thursday. This is an hour-long event where students can have an informal interaction with a faculty over dinner.

When: Thursday, Nov 17 5PM-6PM

Where: 32D-463 (Star)

Signup: here

EECS / Chem-E Joint Social

Chemical Engineering’s TG Committee and EECS’s GSA are teaming up to bring you a TGIF like the Stata Center has never seen before. Sign up now to reserve your slot for a fun afternoon of lots of beerVenezuelan food, and meeting new people from MIT.

When: Friday, Nov 18 4PM-7PM

Where: 4th floor of the Stata Center

Signup: here (This sign-up list is for the 130 slots designated for EECS members; please only sign up if you are in EECS or in a lab that is EECS affiliated. 120 Chem-E’s are also expected)

Election 2015 Candidates

Lukas Murmann
Personal Statement for President
I’m a second-year student in the CSAIL computer graphics group. In 2015, I was VP for Orientation at GSA, where I helped organize the EECS visit day in March and orientation for new students in August.
Reasons to vote for me
  • From my work on visit day and orientation, I have a good working relationship with the department, labs, and student groups.
  • Will promote collaboration and joint events with other groups, in particular CSC.
  • Start creating a physical presence for GSA. Currently, GSA is very lean as an institution: It is run by the volunteers, chairs, and board, but does not have a physical presence outside the events it runs. A near-term goal here is to get some storage space and maybe a notice board for GSA announcements.
Nirav Bhan
Personal Statement for Vice-President, Academics: 
Why do I wish to be Vice-President of Academics? Because this is an area I strongly care about. All of us at MIT are here primarily because of our academic inclination. But academics is more than what we learn in the classroom and the research we do in our labs. It involves talking to friends and learning from each other, be it about courses, research, startups, or simply about grad life. Through events such as Insider’s guide to EECS, Thesis and RQE Panels, we aim to create a supportive environment for academics, where current students can learn from the experiences of their older peers. Through the Startup Panel, students get a chance to learn from alumni about the exciting world of startups. Through the GSA faculty dinners, students get an opportunity to closely interact with MIT professors, and also gain a first-hand account of faculty life.
In my role as VP of Academics, I shall continue the above events which have all been very successful. I would like to revamp the research support dinners, which have been moderate successes. Possibly, I may introduce “themed” research dinners catering to a particular research lab, and rotate the theme to cater to different groups. I would also try to hold Tech Talks next year, which did not go through this year due to a lack of interested companies. In addition, I would have more mixers to give students an opportunity to interact with other departments, as well as within the same department. As a specific event idea: I really enjoyed Prof. Gallager’s talk on “How to be a good researcher” as part of his recent Boole-Shannon lecture. I would like to invite him (or another senior professor) to give such a talk on behalf of the GSA.
As for my previous experience, I have been an Academic Chair for the GSA over the past year. My major work was organizing two key events viz. the Thesis Writing Panel in the Spring term, and the Startup Panel in the current term. Both events involved a fair bit of work, and turned out to be successful. I have also done organizational work as an undergrad, having been the convener of a Science Club. I believe that with my experience, I can guide my chairs to do their work efficiently. If elected, I will do my best to serve the GSA community.


EECS Graduate Thesis Panel


Are you currently writing your masters/PhD thesis? Or thinking about it, but don’t know where to start? The EECS GSA presents a Graduate Thesis Panel to guide you in writing first-rate masters’ and doctoral theses.


  • A talk by Prof. Leslie Kolodziejski about thesis requirements
  • A panel of graduate students with thesis writing experience
  • Dinner will be served

When: Monday, April 25 @ 530PM

Where: Grier Room A (34-401A)

RSVP here

2015 Elections!

*EECS GSA Elections*
*Wednesday 12/2, 6:00 – 7:30PM*
*32-G449 (Kiva Room)*

Nominations for elected officer positions in the EECS Graduate Student Association (GSA) for 2016 are now open! Joining the EECS GSA leadership team is a great way to give back to the graduate community and plan fun events with your friends. We are seeking nominations for the following positions:

Co-President (2)
Vice President of Academics and Diversity
Vice President of Orientation
Vice President of Student Life
Vice President of Publications

A description of these positions is available here. Please submit nominations by email to eecs-gsa-advisors@mit.edu. Nominations will be open until Tuesday 12/1 at 11:59 PM. All MIT EECS graduate students, including MEng students, are eligible to nominate or be nominated. To secure a nomination, you must be nominated by at least two EECS graduate students; self-nominations are encouraged. Candidates will be asked to submit a short personal statement to be posted on the GSA website prior to the elections.

Feel free to contact the current executive team with questions about officer positions, nominations, or  the electoral process.

GSA Rock Climbing

Here are some photos from the event! Join us again next year! – EECS GSA
IMG_20150530_144834 IMG_20150530_144901 IMG_20150530_144927 IMG_20150530_144937 IMG_20150530_144815 IMG_20150530_144826 IMG_20150530_145006
Join us for some rock climbing this Saturday, 5/30, starting at 1PM at Central Rock Gym in Watertown, MA (accessible by T…see below!). The day-pass access to the gym is free for EECS Graduate Students (gear not included, but available for rent at the gym).
Space is limited to 20 people! Sign-up below
If you have any questions, please email me.
Directions by T (from Central Square)
– Walk to Green St at Magazine
– Take the 70(70A) bus towards Cedarwood(North Waltham) (~25 min)
– Get off at Main @ Olney…walk to

74 Acton St. Watertown, MA 02472 (~5 min)