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GSA Rock Climbing

Here are some photos from the event! Join us again next year! – EECS GSA
IMG_20150530_144834 IMG_20150530_144901 IMG_20150530_144927 IMG_20150530_144937 IMG_20150530_144815 IMG_20150530_144826 IMG_20150530_145006
Join us for some rock climbing this Saturday, 5/30, starting at 1PM at Central Rock Gym in Watertown, MA (accessible by T…see below!). The day-pass access to the gym is free for EECS Graduate Students (gear not included, but available for rent at the gym).
Space is limited to 20 people! Sign-up below
If you have any questions, please email me.
Directions by T (from Central Square)
– Walk to Green St at Magazine
– Take the 70(70A) bus towards Cedarwood(North Waltham) (~25 min)
– Get off at Main @ Olney…walk to

74 Acton St. Watertown, MA 02472 (~5 min)

Visit Days

The MIT EECS visit days was a huge success. Thank you all for coming and making it so awesome!

Hope you had a great time. We enjoyed meeting you all and are looking forward to seeing you again in the Orientation in August!

— Orhan on behalf of the EECS GSA executive team

The new EECS GSA website is live!

Welcome to the redesigned EECS GSA website!

We have redesigned and simplified the website to focus on our activities. You will find information about past, current and future events in the Events and Blog sections. We will also be running polls to serve the GSA community better.

There will be more developments to come over time, so stay tuned!

Orhan on behalf of the EECS GSA executive team