2018 Elections

Officer nominations for the EECS Graduate Student Association are now open!
Please submit nominations by email to eecs-gsa-advisors@mit.edu .

Nomination Details:
We are seeking nominations for the following positions:

  • Co-President (2)
  • Vice President of Academics and Diversity
  • Co-Vice President of Visit Days and Orientation (2)
  • Vice President of Student Life
  • Vice President of Publications
  • Treasurer

All MIT EECS graduate students, including MEng students, are eligible to nominate or be nominated. To secure a nomination, you must be nominated by at least two EECS graduate students; self-nominations are encouraged. Candidates are highly encouraged to submit a short personal statement to be posted on the GSA website prior to the elections.

The elections will be held
Wednesday 12/6/17, 7:00 – 8:30PM
32-D463 (Star Conference Room)

Personal Statements by Nominees

Maz Abulnaga for Co-President

During my time as the sports chair, I have had the opportunity to meet many of my peers, each at different stages of their graduate careers. I have found these events to be an excellent way to connect with students that would be otherwise difficult in a non-academic setting. Our department is the largest at MIT and I know there are so many more graduate students to meet. I am running for co-president to organize various social events that will encourage us to leave the lab and mingle with our fellow peers. Additionally, I would like to make the GSA an open organization and provide the opportunity for students to provide feedback and become involved in organizing social events of interest.

James Minor for Co-President
Our little community is a fragmented one, with many people isolated in their towers or hidden in basements, directly forwarding mailing list emails to trash. During my term as VP of Student Life, I’ve gotten to meet many of you at coffee hours, movie nights, Pi Day, and other events, and although we’re all busy, we can make time to meet our fellow students, if something interesting enough is happening. If I’m elected as co-president, I hope to foster a broader sense of community by organizing a handful of large events that are more likely to get people out of the lab for a while. I also hope to build the GSA up into an open, visible organization that is better at carrying the concerns of students to the administration. Thank you for reading this.

Ella Wassweiler for VP of Academics and Diversity
Our department hosts a broad spectrum of research projects that spans from machine learning to quantum computing, from power electronics to artificial intelligence. Ideas and techniques from all areas have influenced each other and can serve to enhance our own work if we expose ourselves to them. Through serving as academics vice-president, I hope to highlight work from different specialties in a way that is accessible to everyone. As a diverse community, both in home culture and research interest, we have the resources to gain a unique insight into problems as we attempt to solve them.