2016 Elections

Officer nominations for the EECS Graduate Student Association are now open!
Please submit nominations by email to eecs-gsa-advisors@mit.edu by Nov 14th.

Nomination Details:
We are seeking nominations for the following positions:

  • Co-President (2)
  • Vice President of Academics and Diversity
  • Co-Vice President of Visit Days and Orientation (2)
  • Vice President of Student Life
  • Vice President of Publications
  • Treasurer

All MIT EECS graduate students, including MEng students, are eligible to nominate or be nominated. To secure a nomination, you must be nominated by at least two EECS graduate students; self-nominations are encouraged. Candidates are highly encouraged to submit a short personal statement to be posted on the GSA website prior to the elections.

The elections will be held
Tuesday 11/15, 6:00 – 7:30PM
34-401 A (Grier A)


Co-President (2)

James Minor
Our little community is a fragmented one, with many people isolated in their towers or hidden in basements, directly forwarding mailing list emails to trash. During my term as VP of Student Life, I’ve gotten to meet many of you at coffee hours, movie nights, Pi Day, and other events, and although we’re all busy, we can make time to meet our fellow students, if something interesting enough is happening. If I’m elected as co-president, I hope to foster a broader sense of community by organizing a handful of large events that are more likely to get people out of the lab for a while. I also hope to build the GSA up into an open, visible organization that is better at carrying the concerns of students to the administration. Thank you for reading this.

Cecilia Testart
Last year I had the opportunity to organize visit days, which allowed me to learn a lot about the EECS department and made me aware of the impact EECS GSA can have on students life and relationship with the department. My motivations for furthering my work with the GSA is to continue helping EECS students feel a sense of community and meet each other. Very quickly after starting EECS, I realize that it was too easy to get trapped in your lab and too busy to meet people outside class. But when I have met people from other labs, from the other side (EE in my case 😉 ), I have been amazed by their work and ideas. I think we will all benefit from a stronger EECS student community. Not only will all students enjoy more their time at MIT, but probably brilliant teams and ideas will be formed and developed this way.

Additionally, the EECS department has considerably grown in the last few years, making it more difficult for students’ concerns to be visible and carried to the administration. I would like to work from the GSA to better communicate student concerns to the administration and help looking for possible solutions.

Co-Vice President of Visit Days and Orientation (2)

Flora Meng
A few months into graduate school, I realized that my social circle mostly consists of people that I met during orientation. Olders students’ prophecies came true… Being around friends makes me feel like living in a community and gives me a sense of belonging. My research interests lie in studying the connectivity of the components of complex systems and the dynamical behavior thereon. In the studies of social networks, it is a common belief that sharing a mutual friend makes two persons likely to be friends as well. It seems to me that meeting new people during orientation is like sowing seeds of friendship. The more people that participate, the more interconnected the community will be. It is my hope to spread my joy of working and living in a community, and to strengthen our community ties as the Vice President of Orientation.

Jessica Ray
Since starting in EECS, I have wanted a way to help contribute to the success of our department, and being elected co-VP of visit days and orientation would help realize that goal. After going through visit days and orientation and volunteering at some of the events, I’ve seen the hard work that fellow grad students have put into making these events successful, and I want to help continue that success. I remember the uncertainty faced when making grad school decisions, so I want to help prospective students see why our department is a great choice and make sure they are confident at orientation that they made the correct choice.

Vice President of Student Life

Tarfah Alrashed

William Boag
As VP, I would focus on ensuring an active Social Committee, where students can come together to meet new people, unwind from a hard day, and have my support to create new events with enough interest. I think I would also be an effective overseer of the Athletics Committee – my other duty as VP of Student Life – because sportz are the best!