The 2019 GSA elections will be held on Wednesday, December 5, from 6pm to 7:30pm in room 32-D463 (Star Room). Dinner will be served.

Officer nominations are now open!

We are seeking nominations for the following positions:

  • Co-President (2)
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President, Academics and Diversity
  • Vice President, Visit Days and Orientation (2)
  • Vice President, Student Life
  • Vice President, Publications

All MIT EECS graduate students, including MEng students, are eligible to nominate or be nominated. To secure a nomination, you must be nominated by at least two EECS graduate students; self-nominations are encouraged. Candidates are highly encouraged to submit a short personal statement to be posted on the GSA website prior to the elections.

Please submit nominations by email to eecs-gsa-advisors@mit.edu by December 5.

Personal Statements by Nominees

Ella Wassweiler, Candidate for Co-President
In this last year as the VP of Academics and Diversity, I’ve tried to capitalize on the momentum to revitalize the diversity aspect of GSA and bring new activities and community building into focus. With this goal, we have partnered more strongly with EECS REFS and GW6 to bring events such as the Wellness Dinner and Women in Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon. As your new Co-President I want to maintain our diversity initiatives as well as continue to build communities at all levels as we transition to being split between the School of Engineering and College of Computing.