2020 GSA Elections

GSA Elections will be held on Thursday, November 21 from 5:00pm to 6:30pm in room 32-D463 (Star). Come to make your voice heard, elect your department representatives, and eat a plentiful Brazilian dinner.

Call for Nominations

EECS fellow graduate students,

Officer nominations for the EECS Graduate Student Association are now open! Details about the nomination process are described below.

Nomination Details
We are seeking nominations for the following positions:

  • Co-President (2 positions)
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President of Academics and Diversity
  • Co-Vice President of Visit Days and Orientation (2 positions)
  • Vice President of Student Life
  • Vice President of Publications

All MIT EECS graduate students, including MEng students, are eligible to nominate or be nominated. To secure a nomination, you must be nominated by at least two EECS graduate students; self-nominations are encouraged. Nominated candidates will be asked to submit a short personal statement to be posted on the GSA website prior to the elections.
Please submit nominations by email to eecs-gsa-advisors@mit.edu. The EECS GSA Advisors is composed of former GSA officers only and will treat your nominations with strict confidentiality.


  • Immediately: Nominate qualified candidates that would ably represent the EECS graduate student body. The GSA Advisors will begin to review nominations and contact candidates.
  • November 20, 4:59pm EST: nominations will close
  • November 21, 5:00pm – 6:30pm EST: members vote on nominees at GSA elections/general body meeting

If you have any questions about the experience and responsibilities of serving as a GSA officer, please email the current GSA presidents at eecs-gsa-president@mit.edu. If you have any confidential questions about the nomination and election process, please email the GSA Advisors at eecs-gsa-advisors@mit.edu.

Candidate Information

James Minor

Candidate for Treasurer

I’ve been involved with the GSA for four years now, and I’m running to be involved for a fifth. I’ve spent one year as VP Social, two years as co-president, and one year (the most recent) as treasurer. As a result, I already know the ins and outs of the budgeting system we use, and I would be an invaluable resource for the future co-presidents in preparing the new budget.

Tom Tseng

Candidate for VP Academics and Diversity

Without the help of organizations like the GSA, students often feel siloed within their area. If elected, I hope to bring students from different areas together so that everyone can support each other and learn from each other. I will maintain existing events like the RQE panel and the faculty dinners as well as think about what new events will strengthen our community and help students feel like they belong within the community. I have past experience on the leadership board of the Asian and Pacific Islander employee resource group at the company I worked at prior to coming to MIT, during which I organized professional development and social events within the company.

AJ Miller

Candidate for Co-President

I’m AJ Miller, and I’m a first year graduate student in EECS from Fort Mill, SC. I’m running for Co-president to become more involved in the department and student representation since I enjoyed it so much for most of my time as an undergraduate in student government. I intend to bring my fresh perspective to the role especially as there is a unique opportunity with two presidents to bring complementary experiences within the department. As Co-president, I intend to continue to bring all of the expected roles of the GSC, and I would like to do them with more clarity, consistency, and organization. I also look forward to the opportunity help put on visit days and orientation for new students as I know how critical those are to our department to give a strong impression and set our new students up for long term success.

Ajay Brahmakshatriya

Candidate for VP Visit Days and Orientation

I am very proud of the rich grad culture we have here in the EECS department. I think I can do a good job of introducing the incoming and visiting grad students to this culture by organizing orientation activities. This way they can have a better experience through the transition and for the years to come. I have been involved in organizing both the visit days and orientation days this year for both the EECS department and the CSC. I would be glad to be in charge of organizing the same next year.

Zhutian Yang

Candidate for VP Student Life

I am Zhutian Yang, a first-year Ph.D. student at CSAIL. My life aspiration is being a supportive friend, an enthusiastic teammate, and a loving member of the community. Out of care for student experience, I founded a newsletter club at Nanyang Technological University to share news, interviews, and lifestyle articles to Chinese students. As VP Events in 3D Printing Club, I organized talks, workshops, and printing services for students. Now, I organize weekly board game nights at Ashdown. I have three goals to achieve as VP Student Life at GSA. First, I want to establish a nap room in Stata where students can take quiet and comfortable naps. Second, I want to reduce the time students spent waiting to get food in GSA events. Third, I want to support more student-initiated events where students gather for interests and make new friends outside of their usual gang or research group.